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11 March, 2022

ROCHE and CINNOX: teaming up to improve patient outcomes through digital transformation

Roche, a Swiss multinational healthcare company, needed a modern solution for communicating and engaging with customers and internal stakeholders. Always at the forefront of modern medicine, the company decided to use CINNOX as part of a pilot program to explore digitalisation of customer enquiry handling and team collaboration, as part of a wider push towards customer service automation.

Business Challenge

Roche operates worldwide under both Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics divisions, creating innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. As part of a pilot program for rolling out digital platforms worldwide with seven affiliates, Roche has been using CINNOX to trace enquiries and enhance sharing of customer communications internally. Previously, teams would rely on ad-hoc 1-to-1 communication on platforms such as Whatsapp, which posed a challenge from a regulatory and compliance viewpoint, as well as being difficult to manage centrally.

As customers often ask sensitive questions about life-saving medicines, a lack of traceability in communications could result in customer dissatisfaction and even business loss. Strict rules around doctor-patient confidentiality also meant that any software solution had to be extremely secure and offer superior accountability; while urgent requests from health care professionals for critical information about medicines required efficient and reliable routing, to ensure the right pharmaceutical experts were available 24/7.

The Solution

CINNOX is a powerful communication tool connecting Roche personnel and internal systems, making customer engagement more efficient, transparent and reliable – meeting persistent customer requests for a more streamlined experience.

With the pilot program in place, staff from different departments who would normally work in silos could now easily and securely share critical enquiry information without having to repeat the backstory. Using CINNOX, all prior customer communications, including their profile and ordering history, were now viewable in a single dashboard.

The cloud-based software has also paved the way for company-wide digitalisation, by enhancing capability of learning from customer behaviour; thereby enabling more effective and personalised marketing communications and customer service. Having historical data on orders month-by-month, season-by-season will also potentially help Roche to more effectively handle distribution, and allocate resources where they are needed most.

From the Customer

“CINNOX is unique in that its intuitive design drastically reduces the learning curve in multiple adoptions for business units – which is usually the hardest part of introducing any change within a large organisation like ours. The medical industry faces some unique challenges in the push towards digitalisation, but this software has put us on the right track towards greater adoption of centralised communications. In the end, this will help us to better serve both patients and health care professionals.”

- Hans Lim, Global Idea Accelerator, Innovation Theme, APAC Automation Squad Lead, Roche Hong Kong Limited

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