With Education at Your Fingertips, Turn the World into Your Classroom

17 November, 2021
With Education at Your Fingertips, Turn the World into Your Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom: In the past decade, thanks to rapid advancements in technology, the offering of quality online learning has risen, allowing students to connect with teachers anywhere in the world. Once limited to static content of pre-recorded lessons and notes, it has progressed to the creation of an online learning environment where engagement and interaction can occur between multiple parties. No matter where, synchronous or asynchronous learning is now accessible with the pre-requisites of a reliable internet connection, the right technology and necessary skills to operate the relevant technology.

This online access to a traditional classroom opens new doors of opportunity to students by breaking down some common barriers of learning including cost, distance and timing. When equipped with the right tools and leveraged to its full potential, the online classroom can go beyond the traditional classroom for endless opportunities waiting to be discovered.

CINNOX: Reach Higher with Communications

With daily lives so integrated with technology, teachers must leverage online engagement and collaboration tools to equip students with innovative opportunities and prepare them for a digitised world. CINNOX, a cloud-based communications solution, blends traditional telco and digital engagement channels for teachers to explore the potential in online communications and tackle the limitations of classroom teaching.

Its tools, particularly audio and video calls, allow the easy redesign of teaching to fit the requirements of online learners. Delivering educational accessibility whether in supporting students with disabilities, those living in remote areas or to facilitate education in times of crisis, CINNOX delivers a seamless learning experience for development so students can reach their full potential. Below are CINNOX’s highlight features:

High-Quality Video and Audio

The key feature to delivering a dynamic learning experience is through live video whether a one-on-one call or multiple party video conference. CINNOX’s high-quality audio and video call capabilities allows the creation of virtual classrooms with face-to-face interaction anywhere in the world.

Screen Sharing

During the lesson, teachers can switch to screen sharing at ease for demonstrations or presentations. The interactive experience is maintained as live chat of questions and discussion can simultaneously takes place between all parties.

Contact Management

Conveniently store and manage all student contact information and details in CINNOX’s contact management system. Whether contacting students or parents, reaching out has never been easier or faster.

Web Link and QR Code

Whether one-on-one or between multiple parties, lessons and meetings can be conveniently accessed through Web Link and QR Code which is shared to students.

File Sharing

Handout material or confidential digital files can be securely shared throughout the lesson thanks to CINNOX’s proprietary technology and private network.

Virtual Number

Make education accessible to all using local and global virtual number which can be answered on any device, anytime and anywhere. CINNOX enables the creation of virtual numbers from 150+ countries around the world for true global reach and accessibility.

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Benefits for Teachers

By incorporating online learning into the curriculum, teachers stay relevant in the modern, digital world, harnessing the latest tools to educate and provide opportunities. Whether one-on-one or with multiple students, teachers can virtually imitate the environment and atmosphere of a physical classroom while scaling back on resources. Flexibility is improved as lessons can take place at any appropriate location with internet access and when teachers are not required to travel to a fixed location each day, time and money is saved on travel.

Increased accessibility allow teachers to widen their pool of students to include those who experience difficulties and restrictions in attending frequent face-to-face classes.

Online learning does not necessarily substitute face-to-face classes but can act as a supplement and a source of enrichment, offering diversity in the form of cross-cultural or cross-campus collaborations on a local, national or even international level.

Benefits for Students

Online learning bridges the distance between teacher and student allowing greater accessibility to education. By removing geographical boundaries and the need for commuting, particularly useful for those facing physical limitations, CINNOX virtually eliminates distance by bringing education to ones fingertips. With distance no longer posing as a limitation, mobility is improved as students have the chance to study from anywhere, any time.

For those pursuing higher education or career advancement, they can enjoy access to a greater variety of courses without incurring huge travel costs. Such availability of online programs enables upskilling with schedule freedom to encourage individuals to diversify their areas of expertise.

By taking education online, digital literacy or technical skills are improved as students familiarise themselves with new software, greater internet use and the ability to communicate effectively online.

Accessible Lifelong Learning

Rapid advancements in technology have reshaped the educational sector, particularly through communications and how information is accessed and shared. Whether utilised full or part-time, CINNOX provides the perfect blend of traditional telco and digital channels to deliver a seamless learning experience convenient and accessible to all. By adopting the right communications solution, the classroom evolves beyond its four walls, creating education without boundaries.


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