How CINNOX Bridges the Gap in a Divided World

17 November, 2021
How CINNOX Bridges the Gap in a Divided World

In a tit for tat exchange decades in the making, the US ban on Chinese apps WeChat, TikTok and others has made plenty of global headlines recently. With China refusing to let dozens of US tech companies such as Google, WhatsApp and Facebook enter their market over the past decade, many are rightfully worried this will spark a new round of diplomatic disputes. Given that Huawei and dozens of other companies have already faced restrictions, and other countries such as India joining the fray, we may be seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

As a Chinese messaging giant, WeChat offers social media, news, mobile payment, finance, online services, and most importantly instant messaging. It has already become an essential tool in the daily life of most Chinese. Businesses using WeChat to engage customers and promote products online are also having a difficult time to find a replacement as choices are limited.

In this regards, losing WeChat makes communication between China and the rest of the world much harder. It also means that businesses in the US and India will face more challenges while trying to engage their customers in China – or even Chinese customers worldwide.

WeChat Quick Facts:

With India having already banned a number of Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat, we can see a glimpse of the WeChat-free life for US businesses. In India, attempts to find a “WeChat alternative” to connect with Chinese consumers hasn’t eventuated. For a common individual, WhatsApp, Telegram or the India-made Hike may be sufficient for their personal use, but these alternatives simply can’t reach the Chinese demographic, or are straight-out banned in China.

CINNOX: The Omnichannel Communication Platform for Global Business

Today’s businesses often operate beyond geographical borders or boundaries. In a volatile and fast-changing global market, you must be prepared for the expected and unexpected. If your company is looking for an alternative to WeChat for engage the Chinese market, can CINNOX serve the purpose? Yes, of course!

Global Accessibility

CINNOX is a web-based hybrid-cloud solution that can be used anywhere in the world. Your staff can use CINNOXto access all the messages and enquiries sent to your company, either on their phone or desktop, as long as they have an internet connection – anywhere in the world. Your customers can contact business representatives through a number of channels: the CINNOX Web Widget, direct call and chat through Web link or QR Code, telco features such as Virtual Number, and Omnichannel including SMS and Facebook Messenger. WeChat – coming soon!

Omnichannel Capabilities for Greater Customer Reach

CINNOX is not just an alternative to apps like WhatsApp or WeChat. It combines web calls, live chat, SMS, local and international toll free number, and social media messaging (Facebook Messenger integration is now available, WhatsApp and WeChat coming soon) into one dashboard, expanding your customer reach beyond any other existing apps or platform.

Best yet, you get comprehensive insights and reports that give you the full picture of all your communications. You can keep all the customer chat history – even if a staff member leaves the company.

On top of that, CINNOX also offers a series of Smart Routing features that can find the best available agent for your enquiring customers. These routing rules include: Percentage Routing (based on a set percentage of enquiries), Location Routing (based on customer’s geographic location), and Time-of-Day Routing (based on when the enquiry is received).

Connecting Remote Teams

CINNOX is also built for internal communication and team collaboration. Your staff can use all the above-mentioned communication channels for team meetings and discussions, as well as conference calls and video conference calls, with secure file sharing and cloud storage. CINNOX offers a range of staff management tools to help you improve productivity. You can easily bring together a globally distributed team on a virtual workspace.

Globally Compliant Solution with High Security and Reliability

CINNOX is developed by M800, an international telecom company based in Hong Kong. The platform is hosted on a globally distributed, carrier-grade network infrastructure and comes with a contractual commitment – Service Level Agreement (SLA) – of 99.95% to guarantee exceptional service quality and availability. All user and visitor data is protected in full compliance with the GDPR, and CINNOX uses WebSocket over TLS/1.3 for secure messaging, while all data is encrypted with AES. Learn more about encryption and data protection here.


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