Omnichannel Facebook Messenger: Smarter Customer Service & High-Engagement Marketing

18 November, 2021
Omnichannel Facebook Messenger_Smarter Customer Service & High-Engagement Marketing

A look at omnichannel Facebook Messenger integration at CINNOX. Today’s customers are very high maintenance and they have little tolerance for service that doesn’t meet their expectations. Businesses have never faced more competition than they do now, and find themselves needing to quickly upgrade technology to maintain relationships.

73% of customers will use more than one channel to talk with a business they love, but the common multichannel approach of simply being present on all those channels is no longer good enough. Customers want the same experience on every channel, and don’t want to repeat themselves – ever. Simply transferring a customer to another department means they’re upset with you, and you might not be their preferred brand to buy from in the future again.

  • Omnichannel communications means that your leveraging technology to create better experiences for customers – like:
  • Routing customers to the right agent if they call, SMS and also Facebook your business, or routing them to the same agent that has helped them in the past
  • Having immediate access to their past communication history from all the channels they’ve used to talk with your business – so the customers don’t have to repeat themselves again and again
  • Knowing what a customer probably wants to talk about based on the pages they’ve viewed or through a quick pre-chat survey so they can easily engage with your brand and get information faster
  • Unifying different communication channels into one dashboard, so that agents can manage inquiries more easily – increasing productivity, response times, and overall customer satisfaction. If agents don’t have to manage multiple channels by swapping between apps, tabs, browsers and devices, then they have more time to personalise customer experiences and provide more value

Use Case: Facebook Messenger for customer service

There are 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger which makes it an essential tool, but handling all these messages and assigning them to the right person is tiresome. With CINNOX, Facebook chats are sent straight to your omnichannel dashboard along with all your other digital and telecom channel inquiries for smoother handling and coordination. Read, manage, respond to all the messages on CINNOX and even collaborate with colleagues – no more switching browsers, apps or tabs. Plus, anyone who messages you will be added to your customer directory, and agents can access their profile and journey data at the click of a button before each chat.

Smart Routing

You can route Facebook inquiries to the best agent based on language, location, time zone, visitor traffic, and sticky routing (connecting a customer to an agent they have spoken to in the past). With an omnichannel dashboard, you can also route customers better across all platforms, instead of a typical silo approach.

Reports and Insights

Access detailed analysis of your incoming customer inquiries as well as agent reports. You can never have too much data. CINNOX reports allow you to see the big omnichannel picture of all your communication channels, customers, and agents so you can effectively manage timing, schedules and flow.

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Use case: Facebook Messenger for marketing

“Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the newest and most effective ways to do business.” – Forbes

Lead Generation and Content Delivery

Lead generation campaigns have been crucial for both B2B and B2C marketing for years, and almost exclusively seek email addresses so businesses can follow up with email marketing. Yet customers want to talk to the businesses they love the same way they talk to their friends and family – through instant messaging. So is lead generation with Facebook Messenger a better choice than email?

Email marketing success rates have collapsed in the past few years, but many businesses have had incredible success on Facebook Messenger. Digital Marketing influencer, Neil Patel, reports an open rate of 88% and a click-through rate of 56% on Facebook Messenger – making it the highest engaging channel along with SMS.

A recent test by Hubspot asked users to sign up for a free tool either by email or Facebook Messenger. They then sent follow-up marketing and promotions to both sets (email subscribers and Facebook Messengers subscribers) and noticed a huge difference:

Messenger Broadcast: Open Rate 80%, CTR 13%

Email Broadcast: 33%, CTR: 2.1% For your next lead generation campaign ad, try linking all sign ups and conversions to Facebook Messenger and test the difference. Manage inquiries and chats through CINNOX, and setup smart routing to agents specialised in the campaign topic/information or who are specifically trained in sales and lead conversion rather than customer service.

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How omnichannel Facebook messages work

  • Comments and wall posts won’t be connected with CINNOX, but all the private Facebook messages sent to your Facebook company page will immediately appear in your enquiry que
  • When an agent accepts a new enquiry from Facebook Messenger on CINNOX, they can view their customer profile and journey information. We recommend you to ask for their email and phone number, then add the data to their customer profile
  • CINNOX supports images, attachments, audio, videos, location sharing, and emoticons sent from Facebook


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