Why Remote Consultations are the Future of Healthcare Delivery

17 November, 2021
Why Remote Consultations are the Future of Healthcare Delivery

Remote Consultations, also known as telemedicine and e-consultations, have been a game-changer to healthcare services. Made possible using modern communication technology, it has radically transformed one of the most established service models, allowing patients to remotely communicate with their doctors to receive diagnosis. These digital tools replace in-person consultations with direct video calls providing rapid accessibility to specialty expertise with documented communication for patients. Cost-friendly and accessible, it removes the need to travel and offers convenient support and safety at times of pandemics or for highly infectious diseases.

Triage and patient treatment by remote consultations are recommended for reasons including high risk of contagious infections, difficulty in conducting an in-person consultation, those who require self-isolation, and if there is a benefit in seeing the patient in their own surroundings. In addition to the reasons mentioned, appropriate situations include but are not limited to consultation with limited physical examination, mental health counseling, dermatology, wellness visits, medication consultation, nutrition counseling and follow up consultations. Due to the nature of consultations, it can be difficult to establish trust over video with an unfamiliar face and therefore in cases where a long term doctor-patient relationship is required, an initial in-person consultation is recommended with subsequent follow ups over video.

CINNOX: Improving the Healthcare Journey with remote consultations

CINNOX provides cloud-based communication technology to deliver high-quality remote consultations with secure carrier grade audio and video solutions. Here are the highlight features of CINNOX:

Contact Management

Conveniently store and manage all patient contact information and details in CINNOX’s contact management system. Contacting patients has never been easier.

Live SMS Notifications

A confirmation SMS is instantly sent once the appointment is confirmed and as the date approaches, a reminder SMS. In both instances, an invitation web link is attached for direct and efficient access to join the video consultation.

High Quality Video and Audio

CINNOX’s high-quality video conferencing and carrier-grade audio delivers remote consultations as close to an in-person experience as possible.

File Sharing

Throughout the consultation, files can be securely shared between the two parties thanks to CINNOX’s proprietary technology and private network.

Virtual Numbers

Be easily reachable using CINNOX’s local and global virtual numbers. Whether a small clinic serving local residents or a multidisciplinary clinic with a large database of international patients, virtual numbers can be answered on any device, ensuring patients can be served anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits for Doctors

Remote consultations offer doctors the chance to diversify in the ways they interact with their patients and in today’s world, convenience is key. This concept unsurprisingly applies to healthcare with 74% of patients preferring easy access to services over in-person interactions with providers.

Coupled with the offering of uncompromised quality care while removing the need of face-to-face interaction, this makes services more accessible, allowing doctors to not only retain their patients but to widen their pool to include those living further away.

With patients being conveniently reachable through CINNOX lightweight CRM system and incorporating live notifications, patient engagement is increased. Proactive engagement, whether in helping patients maintain their appointment schedules or providing updates, strengthens relationships and integrity of the clinic. Thus, shifting the clinic from a reactive to proactive positioning.

Remote consultations means the ability for doctors to work remotely with secure access whenever and wherever. This flexibility can be extended as doctors can refer and link patients to external specialists.

Benefits for Patients

Online triage and remote consultations are most beneficial to the vulnerable, including the elderly, disabled, and small children, by offering improved access to healthcare. Patients are not required to leave their comfort zones and can feel more at ease during the consultation enabling better diagnosis.

The benefit of improved accessibility can be extended to those who have difficulty travelling to the clinic and overseas patients. Consultations can now take place anywhere in the world with CINNOX delivering the technology to virtually connect doctor and patient for time efficiency and reduced travel costs. Without the need for a patient to sit in a waiting room full of other patients, the risk of contagious diseases spreading is reduced dramatically, leading to a safer environment for all.

CINNOX’s high quality video consultation brings so much more value compared to a telephone consultation. Aside from relationship building and examinations, visual cues can be accurately conveyed in the communication process.

Delivering a Proactive Solution

Communication technologies have been long intertwined with our modern daily lives, however until recently, this has not been largely implemented in health care. CINNOX offers a secure and user-friendly solution for remote consultations with the audio and video clarity to assess and advise on a treatment pathway. It is important to note that implementation of remote consultations is not to substitute in-person consultations, but to improve the overall doctor-patient journey. CINNOX targets and enhances various touchpoints, improving accessibility while shifting from a reactive to proactive approach for greater patient centricity.


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