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5 Types of Customers You Need to Know In 2023 & How to Win Them Over

Customer personas make it more efficient for brands and businesses to appeal to a customer's specific needs and wants.

Top 10 Voice Prompts for the Best Customer Experience

Voice prompts are sometimes overlooked when you implement your phone communications channel. But they're part of the customer experience too! Read on to learn why.

Customer Experience and Compliance: A Delicate Balancing Act

As customers become more aware and concerned about their data usage, it is important for businesses to operate transparently when it comes to utilising and managing their data.

Benefits of Using Chatbots to Capture and Qualify Leads

A chatbot can help resolve FAQs quickly and efficiently and is primarily used by businesses to capture and qualify leads.

34 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Communications Provider When Setting Up a Virtual PBX

Small and medium-sized businesses can choose from many cloud communications providers but they're not all the same! Here are questions to ask to find one that suits your needs.

How to Improve your Customer Support Team's Performance

Seeking ways to improve your customer support team's performance in 2023? Read on for practical tips on improving workforce productivity.