Building an Omnichannel Business: Quick-Start Guide

16 November, 2021
How to Go Beyond Global into Omnichannel: A Complete Guide to Becoming an Omnichannel Business

Customer expectations are constantly evolving - making digital transformation a moving target for today’s businesses. To successfully and consistently create positive customer experiences across multiple channels, an omnichannel strategy is essential

While 86% of customers expect brands to recognize who they are when switching between channels, they are also breaking away from legacy communications channels in favor of digital real-time conversations. Let’s explore a few ways to operate a global online omnichannel business that can build successful long-term customer relationships.

Online Store

In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion in 2016. Despite this, the average shopping cart abandonment rate sits at 69.57% across all industries.

Web Widget
The addition of a simple Web Widgetsupporting live chat and web call features enables customers to reach out directly at any time they wish – avoiding a disjointed customer journey involving sending and waiting for email support, or the hassle of dialing a toll-free number and navigating a touchtone menu along with the dreaded ‘on-hold’ background music that tells customers you have better things to do than talk to them.

This is precisely why abandonment rates are so high – and is also the reason that live chat increases customer retention rates by 5% and increases profits by 25%-95%.

We also recommend video calls for a personal shopper experience and even virtual consultations for demonstrations for a digital face-to-face experience. These can also be fantastic opportunities to upsell and cross-sell!



Whether you’re a start-up or large brand, reach new heights with help of Facebook’s 2.6 billion monthly active users – a sizeable global customer base. With zero investment and simple set-up,you can drive discovery and supercharge sales seamlessly through customer servicing or High-Engagement Marketing.

Facebook Messenger
Messenger, the communication platform of Facebook supports instant messaging, audio and video calls.

Staff seamlessly connect with customers to deliver five-star contextual servicing with the empathy of human touch. The aim is to build meaningful connections that nurture lasting relationships that ensure perpetual sales.



Whether you’re a small to medium business operating on the Business app or a large business using WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp is essential. With 2 billion monthly active users across 180 countries, you are essentially taking your business to billions of individuals.

Session Messages
Also known as Customer Care, let customers connect to you using web link or QR code embedded into your online or offline channels. While customers can also manually enter your contact details, you should always aim to make engagement simple.

Template Messages
Initiate contact with customers who have previously been in contact or have your details saved. These messages will need approval from WhatsApp and cannot contain ads or marketing. However, by being proactive, you are encouraging engagement!



This versatile messaging and social app dominates the Chinese market and is a key part of 1.2 billion users’ lives each month. Its payment business, WeChat Pay, sees up to 1 billion daily transactions.

To get started on capturing your share of the Chinese market, be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Getting a WeChat Official Account.

Live Chat
WeChat Mini Shops exposes your business to an online shopping ecosystem with over 900 million total users, which leverages livestreaming - a highly effective tool which can help you promote your products to a huge audience who can then in turn drive engagement with you using live chat.


Become a truly omnichannel business with CINNOX

Whatever channels you choose to use for connecting to your customers through various online platforms, you’ll need to bring them all together cohesively in order to build positive experiences, personalized journeys and passionate loyalty.

Using CINNOX, you get an all-in-one dashboard that delivers the power of omnichannel in a user-friendly, simple and seamless experience. CINNOX makes customer engagement simple with its cloud-based intelligent routing and data analysis tools – complete with insights gathering and reporting features – ensuring that all enquiries go directly to the right staff for seamless interactions.

Start a chat with us today to learn more about how CINNOX can help you make the omnichannel transition!


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