How CINNOX Builds a Digital Future for Real Estate

17 November, 2021
How CINNOX Builds a Digital Future for Real Estate

Digital transformation driven by consumer behavior is reshaping the real estate industry. Once considered conservative in its practices, shifts in its consumer engagement and expectations are spearheading efficiency and experience through digital innovation. As one of the most investment-attractive industries, the adoption of digital tools will no doubt unveil new, exciting areas of opportunity.

Similar to all other industries, customer experience is imperative, acting as a key differentiator to success. The competitiveness of the real estate industry requires realtors to deliver excellence throughout the customer journey, from the first interaction to the signed contract. In the age of constant connectivity, customers increasingly engage with immediate access to information on real estate products and services using digital mediums. Whether they are questions, suggestions, concerns or requests on buying, selling or renting, customers are looking for a smooth experience in making wise property investment decisions. In addition, they also expect seamless guidance in managing contractual and financial obligations. Real estate is undoubtedly a tough market and customer-centricity is critical.

Disruptions in the Landscape

Real estate’s customer driven nature and digital transformation have caused disruptions in its business model, re-inventing its operations. In our digitally driven world, customer experience is different from the past. Rather than a straight forward journey, customers are now presented with a bounty of choice in their search – ranging from portals to agency rating websites, apps and social channels.

The change in demographics of customers have made a large impact on the shifts in expectations and methods of engagement. Millennials make up for 66% of the market for first-time homebuyers and 99% of those use the internet to research when looking for a home. In the modern real estate market, the realtor therefore acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Prior to making contact, customers may have already sieved through photographs, property information, maps, and even taken a virtual tour online, thereby pre-establishing a decision. Realtors must create value proposition to stand out amongst the crowd and offer a point of difference.

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CINNOX and Real Estate

CINNOX offers unified and streamlined business communications for real estate agencies to ensure unparalleled services throughout the customer journey.

Be Reachable: Anytime and Anywhere

Expanding on traditional contact methods, CINNOX leaves no stone unturned by providing a variety of contact methods for all. Whether general inquiries, cost discussions or lease negotiations, customers have the option to contact realtors through live chat, virtual numbers, SMS, social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat), web link and QR code.

Web Widget

A simple copy-and-paste code inserts a powerful web widget onto the real estate agency website gaining customers access to instant messaging and calls. Non-intrusive and easy-to-use, intelligent routing offers immediate connection to the right realtor, a priority in today’s face-paced world where efficiency is a priority.

Virtual Numbers

Local and international toll-free phone numbers allow realtors to be reachable from anywhere, establishing a global reach despite local presence, particularly useful for foreign real estate investors. From Russia to the UAE, the US to China, phone numbers can be set up with ease to provide foreign investors with premium customer service. CINNOX cloud-based business phone system take traditional phone calls to the next level by allowing calls to be forwarded to the CINNOX app or any other phone number.

Instant Messengers

Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat have played an important role in real estate with huge databases of users. Messages are immediately routed to the CINNOX dashboard from which replies are directly made, saving time in switching between channels.

Web Link and QR Code

The additions of web link and QR code offers additional methods of contact through just a simple click of a button or scan – simple and convenient!

Seamless Communications Integration

CINNOX delivers omnichannel communication by unifying all the above methods of contact for a powerful and seamless experience where channel silos is reduced. Such centralised visibility means inquiries are managed and handled simultaneously to reduce customers’ wait time thus bolstering engagement. Immediate engagement is key in today’s fast-paced world where failure to do so translates to customers finding and settling with an alternative realtor.

Unified Chat History and Call Recordings

To stay a step ahead of the game, realtors can access customer chat history and call recordings which are stored on the cloud. Reviewing a customer’s previous conversations from any channel allows the realtor to understand their preferences, so they can provide what customers want before even asked to. If one staff leaves the company, another staff can quickly pick up the conversation with the customer to make the deal.

CRM System

All contact information can be stored in CINNOX’s lightweight CRM system making it a breeze for realtors to contact customers even when on the go.

Virtual Meetings

Replace in-person meetings virtually with high-quality video and carrier grade audio that guarantee performance and reliability. Considerably less expensive yet more time efficient by eliminating travel and its cost, virtual meetings have soared in popularity

Easy Web Link Access

With just a click on a web link, distances are instantly bridged, connecting two or more, for example landlord and renter or seller and buyer, for a dynamic video conference. Being able to connect no matter where allow parties to take control, whether at home, on the go or even on-site, virtual meetings offer much more flexibility.

Screen and File Sharing

Features to complement the meeting or conference include screen sharing, ideal for presentations or secure file sharing, ideal for digital brochures or documentation.

High Security and Compliance

All communications and files can be shared with confidence given CINNOX’s high security and compliance standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001, GDPR and PCI-DSS).

An Omnichannel Future

The proliferation of the digital age has transformed the real estate industry, no doubt catalysed by changes in customer demographics as they become more digitally adept. CINNOX equips realtors with the necessary and quality communications solution for customer engagement and efficiency to reinforce their position in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

The real estate industry is now further shifting toward a new, omnichannel future of constant connectivity with the power of communications.


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