Top Tips for Using CINNOX in Your Covid-19 Response Plan

18 November, 2021
Top Tips for Using CINNOX in Your Covid-19 Response Plan

Some ways you can use or setup CINNOX in your covid-19 response plan to provide your customers engaging and useful support during high pressure and high volume situations with staff working remotely.

It’s a very challenging time for many businesses right now. Some have had to lay-off staff while seeing customer enquiries double. Even if business is booming, we’re all in stressful times with an uncertain future.

Our team has created this article to help you explore and learn more about some of CINNOX’s key features that can support your team and business operations during these difficult times.

Covid-19 Response Plan: Handling an increase in customer inquiries through CINNOX

The benefit of an omnichannel platform is that using CINNOX’s reports feature gives you a holistic overview of all your communications and enquiries across channels such as telecom, web widget, and Facebook Messenger.

The reports provide detailed insights into peak enquiry hours, channels, and agent handling to better prepare and allocate schedules – instead of separately jumping between multiple insights for each platform and trying to piece it all together. Study them and use them as much as possible to understand your audience as communication habits are changing rapidly.

Configure CINNOX to make your customer interactions smarter. Re-look at your smart routing and destination configurations to improve the flow and ensure customers get the answers they need, faster, so your staff can handle more enquiries.

It might be worth creating a new destination with agents trained in specific skills or knowledge that your customers are constantly asking about during covid-19 to route their enquiries. First, create new corporate tags to appear in your widget that can provide immediate awareness to your customers. For example, if a lot of customers are asking about changes in delivery or shipping, then setup a new tag “Talk to us about shipping” that directs to agents specialised in changes to shipping.

The corporate tags can also be configured so that you can display specific tags on different pages of your site, which if done well, will help connect customers to the right agents for the content they’re viewing or have already viewed. On the FAQ page, setup tags related to common technical issues, or add an HR tag for your careers section to streamline enquiry flows.

Smart routing can also be configured based on Location, Language, and time of day to help you schedule agent shifts and workload.

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Getting face to face online

Depending on your line of business, video call is a great way to engage customers – say for consultations, classes, tutor sessions, product demonstrations, technical walkthroughs etc. Continently done through the CINNOX chat widget, your staff don’t need to distribute phone numbers and personal contacts.

Turn on the staff directory option, giving customers an option to chat with any of your staff directly from the CINNOX widget. This way you don’t need to transfer or forward customers between agents for meetings and appointments.

Business from Home

Say good bye to landlines forever!

With virtual numbers covering 150+ countries, toll-free numbers, and fully worldwide IDD (International Direct Dialling) bring your phone line right to your desktop so you’ll never miss a call. Through the CINNOX dashboard you can easily manage a complete suite of international numbers for customers across the globe to reach you – from just your living room.

Share the load!
Connect all your team on CINNOX – even the ones that don’t handle customer enquiries. Your entire company cares about customers too and can provide valuable information, or help you to resolve situations that need extra insights more quickly. Set up group chats, organise conference calls, or send and receive files with your team in the same dashboard.

Lastly, don’t just use CINNOX as your Covid-19 response plan to get through the pandemic. Use it to grow your business and transform customer experiences, for long term relationships with your customers.


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